A Slightly More Happy Post...

by - Thursday, November 29, 2007

Your Elf Name Is...

Baby Candy Cane Lips

I can't believe I am updating this post... I am patiently waiting for 12:01 PST... when Ellen's sale starts happening over at her store... this is the times I hate being a time zone ahead I tell you... but I WANT (or need... not sure) some Copics because every cool stamping/blogging/crafting person has them... and you can't beat 15% off these days...

And yes... if all my cool stamping/blogging/crafting people jumped off a bridge I would follow... enablers I tell you!!

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  1. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Where do you find this shit? ... I love it. My name is Booty McFlurry.
    Well, I do like shoes, and I guess a McFlurry is good every once and a while - but not today - it is cold out there.