by - Thursday, April 10, 2008

There are now only 21 sleeps until I leave on my European Whirl.  It has been great – I have ‘met’ a few girls online through the Contiki website and Facebook… most are from Down Under… and are younger than me… but I am thinking so far that we have a good group of people. 
I am starting to pack… well… if packing means opening up a suitcase and dropping miscellaneous things in it.  I am trying to keep my packing to a minimum for a couple of reasons – we are only allowed 20 kg when we get on the bus and my suitcase already weighs 5kg empty… and I want room for souveniers and the such.  I have decided to only purchase little things (which is all fine and dandy until I actually get there and see something big!).  What I would like to do is buy a silver charm for each of the cities/countries that I will be visiting to add to my charm bracelet.  That and things for family and friends… we will see.  I am hoping to keep my spending to about €100 per day or less including the optional excursions.  Luckily I have my tax return back and all my bills paid until the end of May so I should be good to go!!
I am back in research mode.  I go in and out of this mode depending on my mood – sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by everything!  Don’t get me wrong – I am not planning my day minute-by-minute… just listing sights that I would like to see.  Most of the ‘big’ sites are included in the tour, but sometimes there are little things mentioned that I would like to see as well.  I have found the Frommer’s and Fodor’s websites another interesting source of information – the more the better I guess!!

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