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by - Friday, June 27, 2008

I really appreciate my Google Reader, but it is full of people who are amazing stampers... and lately... and well - not-so-lately... I have had the stamping mojo of a rock. I don't stamp and I really have no inclination to stamp. Instead I read, watch random TV shows that I have downloaded onto my iPod, and putz. Putzing is good.

So - I have decided to expand my Google Reader to include other types of blogs. I already am addicted to the 15 Minute Lunch, Melissa the Mouth, Through the Looking Glass and recently Classy Chaos (not to mention my friends blogs of course!). But I need more... blogs the keep me entertained and make me laugh. Ones that talk about life in general, travel, share hilarious stories of the past... ones that have cool links... like this that I found on a cool blog (that I can't seem to re-find - ooh, ooh - I re-found it - Because Wendi Said So!!!)... it is the MASH game... it is awesome!

Here are my results...

I will marry David (a very cute guy who works at the same place as I do but in another department)...
We will live in a mansion...
We will have 8 children... WHAT???
We will drive a green jeep...
And I will be a millionaire (seriously - I chose that as a career - a girl can dream can't she?)...

Here are a few other sites I have found while blurfing... if you know of any more please let me know!

Cheaper than Therapy
Latte Mommy
Okay Seriously
Overheard in the Office
Overheard in New York
God, People Piss Me Off

PS... I have the keys to my new place... yeehaw!!

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  1. Congrats on the new place - sounds like you will be much happier there. For blogs - I go to post secret every once in a while... but not as often as I used to - it is sometimes depressing...

  2. i don't know how you found me...but i'm glad you did!!! :)