The Break-Up...

by - Friday, October 24, 2008

From a relationship that wasn't a relationship...

How awkward do you think that conversation is?

Surprisingly not as awkward as I would have though pre-phone conversation.

The New Guy and I... we had a good time - but the sparks weren't there... I knew that and that is why I wasn't all concerned that his phone calls were few and far between... plus I knew by his 'open' Facebook profile that he was testing the waters with multiple people... which is totally fine in my books until you make a committment - if after that point you keep testing the waters you are a cheating scumbag.

Last night he calls to tell me he has really hit it off with another girl.

And I felt nothing... well - I kind of felt like laughing.

Laughing because I knew it was over last time we saw eachother... because when I was kissing him I wasn't thinking about him.

I was thinking about the stuff I needed to do around the house.

But... you know what really urks me? He wanted me to sleep with him last week... or at least pleasure him in a way that I wasn't really into... especially after the last new guy. And I wouldn't because really... I wasn't into it.

You could probably tell that by the lack of posts about the New Guy in the last week (or the post last night about the 'newest' potential guy).

So it is back to the drawing boards.

My eHarmony subscription is set to expire in four days. Unless I find someone worthy in the next 96 hours on that site my dating life is now in the hands of Plentyoffish and Lavalife. This would be a perfect time for Dr. Neil Clark Warren to start working some miracles.

God help me.

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  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    God save us from a life destined to rely on Dr. Warren to find our mate. He's been 0-4 in my book. I'm cutting him off.

  2. I think I am about to have a similar conversation...I can only imagine it will be awkward.

  3. Thinking about stuff to do around the house while you're making out? That is totally what happens when you get married.