by - Thursday, October 23, 2008

I think only my blogging peeps will understand this one...

I have just been conversing with a boy on Plentyoffish for a couple of hours sending e-mails back and forth.

We have set up a date to do something this weekend... no beating around the bush here.

The funny part....

I just realized I don't know his name... I should probably figure that out pretty quick eh?

I am so retarded sometimes.

ETA... phew... found out his name and we are going bowling this weekend... I feel like I am in grade 11... bowling? Gotta start somewhere I guess!

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  1. Have a great date! I just took myself off Plenty of Fish. It's too much like TJ Maxx... You have to work really hard to find something worth getting, and then you take it home and find that it just doesn't fit at all, and the quality is poor.

    Also, sometimes you don't quite get the person's name!