The Real Me is Baaaack

by - Saturday, November 22, 2008

I know you are all wondering where the over analyzing has gone.

Well - it is still here, but I have been a good blogging girl and I have tried not show all my cards this week.

This week is over... so here they all are. I feel like I need to get some sort of freak on going before I resolve myself to going back to my zen state of no expectations.

As mentioned earlier (but not in an over analyzing tone - yay me!) I have been speaking with a new guy on the phone most nights this week.

For hours.

As in... cell and cordless phones have died hours.

In general - it is good. We don't really run out of things to say. Conversation is easy.

Things are good. That is what I keep telling myself.

But we haven't actually met. And I don't want to have any expectations until I have sat across from him and I still think things are good. Then I will honesty think things are going good.

And although he says he is an independent person, I have a sneaky suspicion he may not be.

Which freaks the shit out of me. Seriously. I can't do clingy. Clingy = bad.

Which also brings me to one part of the other nights phone conversation that has been nagging at me.

He asked if I liked dogs - I said sure... why not? Apparently he is getting one. And wants my take on it (I know this sounds rather unassuming but I can't exactly remember the words nor can I express how words are expressed on the phone in this blog)... kind of like he was asking permission (no - that is the wrong word... but I can't think of a better one) to get a dog.... he definitely asked my opinion on it. I actually told him that I didn't think that I really had the right to have an opinion on this... if he wants a dog he wants a dog.

This freaked me out. We are not dating. We are getting to know each other. And really - whatever he wants to do at this time he can. And honestly - whatever he ever wants to do he can do - it doesn't mean that if something happens I would be happy with every decision he makes, but honestly... everyone needs to be responsible for themselves no matter what their relationship status is.

So... with that I just have to hope that our date on Saturday night progresses as well as I hope it does... and that in the end I have to be honest with myself in all of this.

Until then, I just have to be happy with the knowledge that he wears Carhartts to work... and men in Carhartts are sexy.

And I have to stop being a freaky, over analyzing girl.

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  1. We all do it! Hopefully though you're reading too much into it and he isn't too clingy after all...

  2. The dog thing is weird.

    Was I supposed to say that or say something else?