No... you are NOT Tim Thomas!!

by - Monday, September 15, 2014

So... this keeps happening...

A couple of weeks ago...
And then just this morning...
Really?  Why?  Why choose a professional hockey player to constantly use as your profile picture?  Is it because I'm the only girl online that knows who Tim Thomas is and keeps calling you on it?

And as a side... why choose Tim Thomas?  The guy is an idiot.  Wouldn't show up to the White House after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup because he's a Republican.  Really?  Douchy move.

Online dating (not that I'm actively searching... I haven't been on a date in a loooong time, and rarely, if ever make contact with anyone online - I spend more time deleting "s'up" messages than anything else) is hard enough as it is - why would you start with a lie?  

If you're not happy with your looks, don't put up a public picture.  If you just want to get laid - try Tinder.  But seriously, continuously lying about your age and what you look like is just plain fucking douchy.  Constantly opening and closing accounts is creepy.  

And yes... "Mr. Tim Thomas", I'll keep reporting your picture as a fake and I'll keep responding the same way every time you message me.


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