All I Want for Christmas...

by - Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well... in case you are all wondering what exactly it is that I would like for Christmas (except for Trevor Linden to come down my chimney wearing only a red bow... well... only if I had a chimney that is...) - here is a list. Keep in mind that it is not exhaustive and I do enjoy getting gift cards as well...

The 2008-2009 Vancouver Canucks calendar from Pharmasave
The newest Nora Roberts book (available at any reputable bookstore)
North Face WindWall gloves (seen at Coast Mountain Sports...) - in a ladies size L
Canucks license plate frame - woohoo - it looks like I am getting one of these! Scratch this baby from the list!!
Either Hell's Kitchen (The Game) or Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir for my Nintendo DS
Don't forget... gift cards and cash are always welcome as well! Just joking.... well... not really.

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  1. Anonymous12:13 PM

    do you have pharmasaves that sell canucks calendars in calgary?

    you must answer this question. i must know.


  2. Nope... no Pharmasaves here that sell them... I am hoping that my mom reads this on the Island and picks one up for me {fingers crossed}.

    I unfortunately can only find crappy Flames and sometimes Oilers stuff here - which royally bites my ass.

  3. Hey Carmen!!
    Something to think about if you're planning on coming to Vancouver during the Olympics. I put in a request for a shit-load of tickets - of course after hearing a bazillion times that they were so hard to come by. Well...turns out I got most that I requested. Don't know for sure which ones, - waiting for the email today or sometime in this millenium! I've done some calculations and I don't think we got the men's gold medal hockey..boohoOO!! But I may have some others I'll be looking to unload - some preliminary hockey games - mens and womens - maybe curling, freestyle aerials skiing...and definately the gold medal ladies hockey (I may have a total of 5 but they'll probably be spoken for by my family).
    I know you couldn't put in your request 'cause of the whole Visa thing. But if you're into some preliminary hockey for sure...most are 4:00 games (can't guarantee Canada will be playing) I may have some to sell - only for our cost. Or if my hubby and kids aren't interested in going with me, if you're on your own, we could go together. Not many of my friends are that interested in hockey. I'll keep you posted on facebook if you're interested.
    Sorry...not really a Christmas present, but with all the hockey tickets we may have, you're one of the first people that came to mind.
    C ya'!
    p.s. I'd take Trevor down my chimney, through a window, heck...anyway, anywhere, anytime!! ;o)

  4. Me again.
    If you can't find someone to send you a calendar, give me a shout and I can fire one off your way. I have to pick one up for my son anyways.
    c ya'!

  5. Don't forget to update your may not be exactly as shown but there is 1 under our tree for you!!!

  6. Anonymous2:21 PM

    OK, it's not a surprise, I have a calender for you! Love Mo