Call Me Silly...

by - Monday, January 05, 2009

But I am thinking that Cosmo's (and yes... don't hate me but I bought a one year subscription - I need all the "how to please your man" advise I can get) advertising is a little false?
I mean... one year for $19.97 or the "BEST DEAL" of two years for $39.97? Last time I checked, $19.97 per year for two years would actually cost $39.94 - a whole $.03 cheaper than if you were to buy two years at the same time.

Yes... this is the kind of stuff that keeps me awake at night.

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  1. I can totally appreciate this! I subscribed to Boston magazine last year for $9.99/12 issues. Then they send me a renewal form with the "best deal" and it's $15.99/annually.
    WHAT? Why wouldn't I just send in the $9.99 postcard that comes stuck inside every issue again? Weirdos.

  2. Ha! Jim's magazine that I buy him - they send me a SPECIAL renewal notice with a deal just for me!

    At the exact same price as I paid initially.

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM


    good eyes, my friend. good eyes.

    (and props to those peepers for saving you $0.03. now you can totally go and.. drop that change in the tim horton's charity thingy. yes).