F U Monday

by - Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's suck...

And the suck even more when they are a continuation of a weekend that felt like Mondays.

Come to think of it... this month has pretty much been 26 consecutive Mondays for me.

Why you ask?

Just this weekend (and so far today) my car got backed into (just a little scuff... but it is a new car people!), I woke up twice from nasty dreams, I got rejected (which means I have to venture back into the world of online dating since my sitting on the couch approach doesn't seem to be working), my step-dad is in the hospital, I baked low-fat brownies that tasted more like shit than brownies, I think I am suffering from a Wii Fit boxing injury, my drink exploded in my purse and now there is sticky shit all over everything and to top it all off I spent the majority of the weekend so bored I wanted to poke my eyes out with a hot poker (or a fork - whichever was in closer proximity).

The only thing that blows more than a month of Mondays? The fact that next month is February, and smack in the middle of it is Valentines Day.


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  1. Some of your blog labels have me a'thinking! BTW, even though I am married, I felt like I had pretty much the same kinda boring ass weekend (except the interruptions of kids wanting me for the duties of short order cook, maid or ass-wiper). So, it pretty much can look as good looking out as it can looking in!

  2. Seriously...what is up with v day this year? Everywhere I go is crazy pink and red stuff with frilly lace and hearts and candy...Is it so much to ask that stores put the v day displays in the back of the store?

  3. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I have the perfect solution for that day in the middle of February that's looming in the distance, in fact the idea is so good that my girlfriends and I are planning it too, go to a hockey game! Head out with all your single friends (or non single friends who are down for some fun). If the Flames don't have a game, check out some of the other leagues... I'm lucky enough to have a new ECHL team here playing at home on that icky Vday. You can always road trip it too...

    What better way to spend the night than watching hot sweaty men skate around ;)

  4. yup. right there with you.

  5. i hate mondays. and i hate february. mondays in february are going to be hell.

    and the 14th does not exist on my calendar ... at least this year it is on a weekend, so i can hide under the covers and contemplate how i can be a crazy cat lady despite my allergies.

  6. Sometimes you just need to make real brownies. You will feel SO much better. I usually make mash potatoes with skim milk. Last night I made them with Parmesan cheese, half n half and butter. I swear to God it was the happiest I had been in like 7 days.

  7. well valentines day is ust another day unless you make it more.

    do something nice for yourself! be your OWN valentine. no one loves you more than you anyway, right?

    I loved that postcard, it made me lol!