Is There Such Thing as a Fairytale Ending?

by - Monday, June 08, 2009

So, I have done a lot of thinking over the last couple of days. Surprisingly though, I have not been over analyzing. I guess thinking can be productive every once in a while...

Here are some conclusions that I have come up with:
  1. I have to make sure that I make the best decision on how to handle this for ME and nobody else. I will have to live with any consequences that arise... but I have to be thinking of me.
  2. I have to stop communicating with the ex-LIGF. I can't be making decisions for her... I have to make them for me.
  3. I need to know where things stand... for my own good. Was I just a good lay? Was he really interested? I am not sure how this will shape my decisions because I think that ultimately he will be lying to cover his butt, but I need to know...
  4. I am retarded. I just threw that one in because I feel like a tool lately. How could I not see this? Am I totally blind?
I guess by this post you can all tell that nothing has really been sorted out as of yet. I haven't confronted him, because the only time I have seen him in the last week was for about 30 minutes before he had to run off. And I need more than 30 minutes to scream my face off at him say my peace.

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  1. Something you might want to keep in mind is that he could both have been really interested in you AND still be a wrong decision for you to make.

    Some of the most difficult people to deal with in this world are the ones who hurt and lie all the while feeling justified, okay with themselves, and not really thinking they have any choice. They can then project the image of a "good guy" in so many ways. He might even love you. Think of the most painful movies to watch - the one where the guy isn't obvious evil; he is just bad news. He just can't get his shit together. He just can't stop hurting those around him.. but he'll always think he has various best interests at heart.

    So I just wanted to put that out there as a possible other option. My ex was like that. He never ever wanted to hurt me, but he just couldn't live his life any other way. Destructo-guy.


  2. God, you're in such a tough place! But you're right you gotta do whats right for you!