The Stars are Aligning...

by - Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gas prices are low(er).
The Canadian dollar is higher.
The weather forecast is good.

These are all signs that my Calgary to Calgary (with stops in Spokane, Seattle, Comox, Vancouver, Vernon and Salmon Arm) 2009 roadtrip will be a success.

Plus - it isn't like I am spending real money when I am on vacation... it is kind of like calories don't count when you are on vacation...

I have diligently marked the following on my Google Maps (yes, I am a little OCD when it comes to planning)...
- Outlet malls
- Target locations
- Costco stores
- Hollister, Forever 21, Victoria Secret
- Joann, Hancock Fabrics, A Muse Art Stamps
- Sonic
- Trader Joe's
- Bath and Body Works (even though we have two in Calgary now - I bet the prices are lower in the States)
- Crate and Barrel (we are even getting one of those soon!)
- and of course, the hotels I will be staying atIn all, without travel in each city, I am set for about 2750 km's (1700 miles)... which is going to equate to one wicked driving arm tan.

To keep myself awake on the road I have downloaded the entire Sookie Stackhouse series to my iPod... I hope it doesn't ruin the True Blood series for me.

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  1. You should go through Glacier National Park instead of the northern Canadian route through Alberta and BC. The Sun Road is supposed to be AMAZING.

  2. Oh look, I'm on your map!

  3. You're totally right money spent while travelling isn't real money...Have a great time! :)

  4. Have a fantastic trip!!!!!!!!

  5. hmmm how are your taxes? Maybe I should move north!

  6. Looks like a very fun roadtrip! And so fun to meet you at the A Muse shop (even if it was crazy hot)! Hope you didn't wilt! *lol*

    I'm gonna' be hitting a Trader Joes myself while I'm here! Have fun!