Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

by - Monday, August 10, 2009

Well, I am home safe and sound from my two week Calgary to Calgary (with stops in Spokane, Seattle, Comox, New Westminster, Vernon and Salmon Arm) 2009 road trip.

Some of my highlights...

- meeting @sarahdotcom in real life... she is a sweetie - next time we will have to hang out longer!!
- swooning over firefighters at the World Police and Firefighters Games (I didn't swoon over the police - because honestly - even listening to them talk made me gag a little... pompous asses!) - I did however manage to avoid running into one of the RCMP members who was playing hockey that was in my wedding party...
- meeting many new babies - well - they aren't babies any more - Sophia, Ronin and Malcolm made my trip.
- the amazing hospitality of all those that invited me into your homes (or maybe I just said I was showing up - I mean really - potato, potatoh)... my cousin Caitlin (who I haven't seen in 30-odd years), my mom (who couldn't say no considering I have a key to her house), and my BFF's Katrina and Jenn. Also - to those at the Motel 6's... there were no bugs, and I really appreciate that.
- the 13 boxes of cereal that I brought back from the US of A. I love Cocoa Pebbles. There... I said it...
- my new Trevor Linden beer mug. I have used it exclusively for beverage drinking since I got home.

3500 or so km's... and I made it.

And I am still wondering why the hell they want to quarantine Apple Maggots in Washington State... who's ever heard of a freaking Apple Maggot anyways?

Tomorrow (or maybe later depending on my mood)... the lead-up to Boobs 2009... it's better than a roadtrip!

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  1. Jenny from the Block11:17 PM

    What - seeing me for breakfast wasn't a highlight! I am hurt! ...

  2. Ah! Meeting you was THE BEST. You rock, seriously. And your comment regarding Brazilians, hockey sticks and huts replays through my mind daily, and makes me laugh every single time.

    There will be a next time, it will be longer and it will be soon =)

    Also, I went to the WPFG hockey finals on Saturday and you MOST DEFINITELY should have been there. Burnaby Fire was playing in the Div 1 finals and the place (it was across the street at Copeland) was PACKED. So much fun.

    (Also? I have a spare bedroom with your name on it wheneverrr you decide to come back to town. Also x 2? I love your friend. Just saying).

  3. Can I fully express how awesome it was to see you again? And you know what is so amazing in it all? - that after how long.. just over two years I think we pretty much just carried on with our conversations like we had only been gone a minute.

    I heart you.