From Bad to Good...

by - Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today started off with me fingering a driver and mouthing to her to "slow the fuck down".

Then I found out that my paperwork that I was cursing at earlier this week (because the Government of Canada employee couldn't find it on the system) had indeed been processed and I was issued a cheque on Monday for...



I guess they knew I needed to pay off my credit card.

Thanks Government of Canada... and to the stupid soccer mom in the blue Honda mini-van... learn how to friggin' drive.

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  1. Lucky girl! I wish they would cut me a cheque for that much. :)

  2. say wha? if i move to canada can i get a check for 10 grand? i always owe the government more money after they already take so much out of my checks.


    enjoy that money for all of us, do something fabulous and brag about it!