My Life in Bullet Points, Part II

by - Thursday, June 17, 2010

- I am officially "in like" with a boy. He is cute, and funny. Almost as funny as me. And we held hands in the movie theatre... squeeeeee!
- I am tired of rain. Like really. I lived in BC for 29 years... I had my fill by age 2.
- True Blood started this week, which means looking at this:

- Stampede starts in a couple of weeks.  This means two things - a) mini donuts and b) a free Barenaked Ladies concert on the Coke stage.
- World Cup soccer. The good - hot men and some awesome soccer. The bad - the vuvuzela. Seriously - couldn't they have invented a less annoying horn to sell in mass production????
- I kind of want one of everything on Etsy. Or at least one of all the good stuff. And I want a new iPhone 4. But I unfortunately don't have an infinite supply of cash.
- I didn't win the lottery last week, but neither did anyone else. Which is okay cause now I can just win it this week.

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  1. In like! Yay! You're so cute. And funny ;)
    The vuvuzela is ruining my office's ability to watch the matches without everyone knowing that you're watching the matches, you know? We have a pretty open layout, and we're friendly enough that we all keep our office doors open, and it's like, "Oh, what's that? Hornets nest in the kitchen? Nope, Rob just turned on the game on his computer." Awesome.

    Ps. I tricked the internet. I don't work with a Rob! I shall not be dooced!

  2. I've re-watched True Blood every day this week. Annnnnnd, I've rewound the part with Eric's ass more than a couple of times.

    We need way more of Eric's ass. Can he just be naked for the entire show?

  3. OK yeah, he's a hottie! And check out Diego Forlan of Uruguay


    He has some serious abs too!

  4. ohhh that is big business holding hands in the theater!!

    those first unsure, exciting times are the best/worst thing about new people. lol.