Where, Oh Where?

by - Thursday, November 06, 2008

Where do you go to meet guys (or if guys are reading... where do you go to meet girls... and really - to be inclusive of those interested in same-sex relations... where do you go to pick up a potential date?)?

What I have done...

a) volunteered at sporting events. This proved very fruitful for my week-long stand (that would be a one-nighter that turns into a week and then a few booty calls after the fact). I will be volunteering for the 2009 Tim Horton's Brier... but that isn't until March and I am not holding much hope that there will be many volunteers in my age category. Curling... well - it's kinda for old people.

b) joined sports leagues. I joined the Calgary Sport and Social Club on the off chance of just generally meeting new people - that mission was accomplished but my quest for love was shot down.

c) went to bars - honestly not since university though. And while it was beneficial in the same way as point a above, I am well past my bar frequenting days. I can't take the hangovers and I spend more time aghast at what people are wearing. I am so much more of a pub person - which doesn't really get me out there so much.

d) online dating. Which as you can tell isn't exactly working all that well. Or at all for that matter. I have recently re-written my profile so we will see what happens.

e) hang out with friends... who apparently are not friends with any freaking single people. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only single person in this city. Seriously.

So - where do you go to meet potentials of the opposite (or same) sex? If you are taken - where did you meet your mate?

And if you say college I think I am going to cry because I am so out of that loop.

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  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I deleted my last comment, because I misspelled "know." I can't have that...
    What I said was that one place I'm NOT meeting a potential mate this week is parent-teacher conferences. That's my only interaction with adults this week, anyways.
    And I agree that I think I need new friends...none of mine are coming through with the single, intelligent, good-looking dates for me.

  2. Hey...just to throw my 2 cents in...

    When I was single, I took a dance class (swing) to actually learn the steps. The guys there were average (certainly not studs) but earnest and ready to buy dinner. Since I have learned that it is not the first six weeks that matter but the later years (esp. when kids come on the scene), it might be something to think about that isn't so much about a loud, dark bar.


    From this link there are other links for supper clubs, movie nights, dance classes, etc. As I said, you may not find your match immediately but a) you will be trying something new and b) who knows what may arise?

    (P.S. I noticed there is a club for "Tall People"...ha!)

  3. I'm sure everyone has already said this, but it will happen when you aren't looking or least expect it. You're totally on the right track though. I met my boy when HE was in grad school. Um, I was NOT in college. To give you an idea of how small the dating pool was in Oregon, he was 22 and I was 30! But, he's actually more mature and grown up than I am so it works. I was like you..I expanded my horizons.

  4. Oohh... maybe I need to open myself up to younger guys... I really have only been looking in the 30 and up category... there are definitly mature younger guys... I must learn not to put on blinders... must keep eyes open to all possibilities.

  5. Hi! Also Single! Also in Calgary! You aren't the only one ;>

    I'm taking up salsa dance lessons to go meet some men I think...

    I sorta want to try speed dating but I'm too much of a chicken shit

  6. Hey, if you find out, let me know. I had to stop in and say hi, because I am also a 30-something single girl, and my blog is also titled "My Life in a Nutshell"... Found you on the NaBloPoMo blogroll! Good luck with everything!! :)

  7. Alright now I'm a little scared - if 30 year old women are taking the 22 year old men...who do I, a 23 yr old single gal, date? ;-)

    Um, I might the guy I am dating now in class (graduate school).

    I am taking a swing class - and while I feel like most of the men are older than me, they are also quite flirty and fun - definitely a place to check out!

    I am always curious where people meet there SOs...part of it I think is just hoping there is some formula to a good relationship, which obviously there isn't...

    Apologies for writing a novel in your comments!