Yay! New Pants... and other Ramblings...

by - Monday, November 24, 2008

I am totally avoiding my Google Reader by writing this post. Not only is Namoblopo going to be the end of me because I will have had to write a bazillion (yeah, I know... only 30) posts - but it means reading all of the posts of the other people doing it.

Because if I don't read the posts I feel as though I will have missed out on something... seriously. I am that committed to you guys.

Now onto me...

Yesterday I went pant shopping (because you know there is nothing better than shopping for yourself when you should be shopping for other people's Christmas presents)... and I bought two pairs of pants - that were a whole size smaller than the ones I bought at the end of the summer.

I suppose floating around in a pool a couple of times a week with the old ladies is actually working. That and the fact that I haven't eated fast food in for-ev-ah! Well... except for the cookies that I baked after having my date cancelled on Saturday night.

Now - an update on "he-who-talks-you-ear-off" (thanks for that! teehee!)... he called on Sunday on his way to a Grey Cup party (the Superbowl for Canadians) and now he is all nervous about meeting me - because he has a cast. Like having a cast is a foreign concept! I told him that it wasn't like it was a full-body cast or anything... that would have been a little freaky. But I can take a cast on the arm - even if it is blue.

Honestly... if he thinks he is waiting 6-8 weeks to meet me in person... dude - it ain't going to happen. I am running out of potential phone conversation topics.

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  1. I hear ya on the daily blogging! So far so good, but it's quite the workout!

    Good luck with the new guy!

  2. All these blogs weighed me down as well. I finally got through them today, and that seems like the wrong sentiment to have about something I do for fun.

  3. I'm doing nabloremo.

    National Blog Reading Month.

  4. Anonymous6:03 PM

    So when are you meeting him? Ugh. The suspense is killing me. I pray that you don't build yourself up so much that you are expecting anything less than perfection. I, myself, have a habit of getting waaay too excited with anticipation that sometimes the actual experience is anti-climactic. Alas...