Ahh... the New Guy...

by - Saturday, October 04, 2008

I just spent 107 minutes and 54 seconds on the phone with New Guy. And no... I didn't set a stopwatch - my phone times the conversation for me... why an hour after getting off the phone I still remember this I don't know... but I do...

I may or may not have left a message on a friend's answering machine telling her the length of the conversation. Maybe.

We talked about a lot of things... politics, hockey, relationships, music... and he is fun to talk to. He has a nice voice. No - I didn't ask him if he had any communicable diseases... but I did let it out that I had been married and he didn't seem to reel in horror or anything. We agree on some things... and kind of agree on others... didn't really talk about anything that we massively disagreed on...

Now for the big test - drinks on Tuesday. He had to pick the best night for TV didn't he? Oh well... perhaps if he isn't a mass murderer or has an extra arm or something he will get a real blog-worthy nickname by the end of the week.

Oh... and as a side-note... what does it mean when you have a one-nighter with a guy, send him an e-mail and then it takes him 72 hours to respond? And the response isn't really much more than a sentence or so? No - I am not asking for me... I am asking for a friend (seriously!)... and since I am not a guy I cannot give her any real insight into the male mind except to say that generally men are odd creatures.

Now... if only I could remember who I was going to make my Hottie of the Week tomorrow...

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  1. I hope the guy ends up with a blog worthy name!! Here's hoping!

    And as for the one night stand that took forever to respond...I think that means he thought it was a one night stand - period. I'm not male either, but I'm afraid that would be my take.

  2. He's just not that into her. This one phrase saves me so much worry.

    Until I say that to the offending party and he tells me that he is into me, he just has INSERT LAME EXCUSE HERE going on. Then I go insane, refusing to believe that he's just not into me because he said so.